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7 Touches

The 7 Touch Theory also applies to 'Filling the Seats' in your Programs.


You need a plan and it needs to be organized well in advance to your program or camp.  


Here is a plan for a Summer Camp that Opens on Feb 1st: 


January 10th:  Email to Past Participants

January 15th:  Email to Total Database (For areas that make sense)

January 15th – 30th: Yard Signs at 7 of the closest elementary schools

January 15th:  Yard Signs @ Facility

January 15th:  Flyers dropped off at Facility

January 15th-30th: Flyers/Postcards to ASP Programs at surrounding schools

January 20th:  Social media campaign and gave out $50 off to the first 10 families that ‘liked’ the post

  • Personally called these families to let them know they won – also asking for them to spread the word about our camps

January 30:   Email to Past Participants

February 1st:  Email to Past Participants

February 2nd: Text Message to all Past Participants

February 4th:  Email to already registered participants tell them weeks are filling up and please help spread the word

February 6th:  Identify who hasn’t registered from last summer and blast AUTO-CALL

February 8th:  Social Media

February 10th: Identify who hasn’t registered and from last summer and personally email them and call them asking if they are going to register.

Your early bird effort should be ALL about your returning customers.   You want to do everything in your power to TAKE CARE OF YOUR RETURNING CUSTOMERS.  

After the Early Bird is when you go find NEW customers.  To get NEW Customers, please make sure you review the Marketing PowerPoint that is within SharePoint.  All of these efforts will happen from February 10th – May 30th. 

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