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7 Touches to fill seats

Maintaining Partner Camp Partnerships & Setting up Camps

When you run camps through a partner you should always be looking to do more with them:

  • Summer Camps

  • No School Day Camps

  • 1 Day Events

  • League

  • Birthday Parties

  • Clinic


When setting up Camps:

Things to consider:

  • Ages/Groups

  • Times

  • Lunch Options

  • Before/After Care Options

  • Sibling Discounts

  • Payment Plans

  • Waivers

  • Forms

  • Price (Multi-Week Discounts)

  • Steal Deals/Early Bird Discounts

  • Returning Customer Discounts

Filling the Seats:

  • Facility Signage

  • Facility Marketing - How can they help?

  • Flyers/Table @ facility

  • Participant Email Blast

  • Text Messages/Phone Calls to previous participants

  • Focus on families that attended previous year but haven't registered for current year (Call/Email find out WHY?)

  • ASP participant summer camp handout info

  • School Community Table Drop

  • Social Media Campaigns (Boosting) 

  • School Fundraiser efforts 

  • ASP Coordinator FREE Week of Camp

  • Top 10 OTA Customers receive phone call with $25 OFF

  • Family/Mom Group Blog Advertising 

  • Yard Signs

  • National High Fives Day Promotion

  • Flyers everywhere Kids/Families are

  • Create a coupon for your coordinator so his/her family can come free

  • Social Media Blasts mentioning the School/Partner

  • Email blast families that have registered to help 'Spread the word' (2-4 times before the programs start)\

Review the Marketing PowerPoint

Family referrals are king in youth programming.  It's never too late to get to know your customers but building trust is crucial.  It all starts with being a good communicator.  

Update the HUB

  • Updating Enrollment Numbers and Total Revenue

In Summer

Does your camp look professional?

  • Registration Table have:  Table Cloth, Brochures, Camp Flyers, Birthday Party Announcement, Business Cards?

  • Does your camp have a Greeter EVERYDAY?  Welcome parents and kids to camp

Communication with Families: 

  • Welcome emails

  • Pictures/Videos sent to families on camp activities

  • Camp Picture/Video Collage

  • Thank you email at the end of the summer


Within the HUB each program has a link for a survey.  This link should be sent to all participants.  You want to know that good, bad, & ugly.  

Summer Camp Discounts: 

  • Market your camps ALL SUMMER LONG

  • Come back to camp discounts

  • 'Tap a Friend' discounts/ Friend2Friend Discounts

  • Postcards, Handouts, ETC

  • OTA Birthday Parties

  • Continually market Summer Camps

  • Reminding OTA Coordinators about their FREE week of camp


Closing the Books

All Summer Camps must be put in accurately on the HUB.  At the end of the Summer, review your accounts receivables on the HUB and Quickbook.  For any summer camps that handle registration, make sure they have an invoice and remind them about payment (This can also happen on the last day of camp)  For camps that we handle registration, make sure all received $$ on Jumbula is noted accurately on the HUB.  If you owe a payment to the facility, make sure you send over a detailed statement of payment. 

Hand-Written Notes

It's a great habit to send a hand written note to all partners at the end of the summer thanking them for their support and organization.  

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