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Overtime Athletics Programming Year – September to August 


Located here are a series of memo’s franchisees should reference to “STAY ON TRACK” as it relates to universal actions, themes, and topics that should be considered throughout the course of a programming year.  OTA’s two decades of operations have allowed us to pin-point the necessary sales, marketing, customer service, program management, staff management, budgeting, and investigations that should be addressed as a programming year unfolds.  


As you may recall, our Training Program identifies the below as the 5 areas of focus on a day to day or week to week bases:


  • Housekeeping 

  • Programming Review (and Customer Service)

  • Staff Management 

  • Brand Support – Sales/Retention/Marketing 

  • Research and Projects 


The memo series found here address these areas of focus with an understanding that universal actions, themes, and topics MOST LIKELY impact or come up at the same time for ALL territories.


You should think of these memos as something to draw from, a tool to guide you based on the “rhythm of the Programming Year”.

  1. Mid August 

  2. Late August 

  3. Mid September

  4. Early October

  5. Late October 

  6. Mid November 

  7. Early December 

  8. Early January 

  9. Mid January 

  10. Late February 

  11. Late March

  12. Mid April 

  13. Mid May 

  14. Early June 

  15. Mid June 

  16. Late June 

  17. Mid July 

  18. Early August

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