Dear Families, We hope everyone is managing as best as can be expected during this very uncertain time. We wish, like we have always done in the past to offer No School Day Camps but we knew that this time seemed different and not appropriate for us to open up programming. 

Obviously with recent developments and guidelines from the government regarding social distancing and limiting really all gatherings, it’s still not prudent for us to offer programming. Our mission for the last 17 years has been to give HIGH FIVES and we don’t intend for that to change anytime soon!

We have spent the last week designing a Spring program that achieves our HIGH FIVES mission. Introducing the “OTA iPlay Home Game” Each Monday, families will receive via email the outline for a “theme week”! 

The format will include a checklist, directions, and goals for anyone who’d like to participate. The program can be structured in anyway that fits the schedule and circumstances of your family! We know that the push to have kids participating in online activities is not only necessary now, but also helpful. We also believe that screen-time, no matter what the current situation in the world is, should be monitored and restricted in order to foster positive growth and development. 

We hope our brand new OTA iPlay program will help get your kids off the couch and active in the safety and comfort of your own home! Please feel free to forward the iPlay Home Game to anyone you think might benefit from having this program.  We’re all in this together.






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