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Canva.Com Canva thousands of templates that you can use to create flyers, social media posts, banners, etc..  We recommend you set up a FREE account and use for all design needs.  All creations can be stored on canva for Free. 

OTA Flyers

Setting an Account up with UPS or FedEX

UPS and FedEX are both Franchises and different owners will have different rates, etc.  The below is how many UPS Stores across the country work and charge our OTA Franchisees: 

Directions for flyers:

After printing and cutting to size, the flyer ends up being 11” (h) x 5.67” (w).  You can tell them “3-up on 11x17” and it should make sense to them. 

Cost:  .$12 per copy - .$36 per page

Delivery:  $9.99 anywhere in the State

Summer 2022 Flyer.jpg
ACS Summer camp 2022.png

These flyers would be charged differently because they are your standard 9 x 11 Full Page 

TIP:  Do FLYERS on ORANGE PAPER in Black & White will help save on Printing

OTA Yard Signs​ 

OTA Post Cards


Direct Mail:

Upswell Marketing:

Account Rep:  Les Porter:

ROBO Calling - Automated Phone Calls

OTA Participant Medals: 


(They will cost around $1.00 each)

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