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Sendgrid Set-Up Part 1

Step #1: 

Step #2

Watch Step #2 and use the below automation email to create


Email #1


Hi {{ insert first_name 'default=default' }}, 

I hope you are well. I would love to send you some information on Overtime Athletics (OTA). OTA has been around for 20 years running before & after enrichment programs to thousands of Preschools & Daycares. 

We have a wonderful new exciting program that the kids love called: SPARK


Can I send you some information? Thanks so much,  


Email #2


Hi {{ insert first_name 'default=default' }} - I wanted to circle around to see if you received my first email. Our programs are free to set up and we will handle everything!  Here is some information on our programs:  OTA Spark Program

In addition to our enrichment programs, many Preschools we work with have actually asked Overtime Athletics to take over or create their PE Department.  Do you have 5 minutes for a conversation? 

Thanks so much,  


Email #3


Hi {{ insert first_name 'default=default' }} -  For 20 years we have built our programs around: PUNCTUALITY, POLITENESS, and PREPARATION. 


I would love to have a conversation and I really think you and your families would be interested in our programs. 


Step #3

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