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Are you a good communicator?

Microsoft Outlook Rules

Have a CLEAN INBOX... Don’t be a BAD EMAILER.  Customer Service needs to be an A+ when it comes to youth programming.  We use the term ‘Rapid Response’ which basically means: Do not let an email sit for more than 24 hours without a response.  

Emails in your inbox should act as another to do list.  If there are emails in your inbox that you have already answered and dealt with, they should not be in your inbox (They should be filed or deleted)

The Customer (Parents, Principals, PTA Reps, Directors, ETC)

Show Respect - Every customer is your most important customer
Personalize - Know your customer! Look them up in the system.

Pay Attention - Assess how customers want to be served and adjust
Show You Care - Present a positive, supportive attitude
Advocate - Stay on your customer's side


  • Recommended communication:

    • Welcome Emails

    • Evaluations

    • Surveys

    • Cancellations

    • Pushing programs back

  • After the first programming class, you must reach out to your partner/coordinator to see how the class went.

  • Mid-Way point of the class, you must reach out to see how things are going.

  • If you or anyone ever evaluates a program, you must let your coordinator know how things went.

  • If we have cancelled a class because of low enrollment (or any other reason), the refund must be processed IMMEDIATELY.

  • When we refund someone, let them know it has been processed.

  • When we ship flyers to a school, let your contact know when they are expected to be delivered.

  • When a complaint is filed (emailed or called) – Call the family back ASAP even if you don’t know what happen. Let them know we are aware and working on it.




Pick-up the PHONE – Too much are we relying on emails

Build Trust – Showing your face at programs and delivering great service

Treat your best costumers better – Take care of who takes care of us.  Send our best instructors to our best schools. 

Show your appreciation – Emphasize that our coordinator’s children go free to our programs and follow-up with the free camp cards we send out.

Hand written Thank You notes – sometimes it’s the little things that matter.

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