OTA Park Program

Concept: OTA “Park Program” Programming is designed around securing open space in parks, playgrounds, churches, etc.  These spaces can often be secured for free or have very low costs to rent.  In some lucky cases, no approval or expense is required either.


Finding programming space with the least number of “roadblocks” or “gatekeepers” can be easier than you think.  Creating revenue streams outside of traditional programming partners like elementary schools and private schools can also lead to some very positive and profitable results.


1.  SET UP

Find a location that you can use/rent to run a 6-8 week program.

2. Enrollment

Families will enroll through our online enrollment system.  We also provide the materials needed to advertise the upcoming session such as flyers, posters, yard signs and table displays.

3.  Session

A trained background checked member of our staff will come to the location we set up and run the 60 minute session. We bring all of the necessary equipment. 

4.  Communication

Before, during, & after the session, families will receive on-going communication directly from us. Families will always know what their child is doing in Overtime Athletics and will be made aware of any changes in our schedule.

5.  Surveys

After the session, Overtime Athletics will send a link to families to get their feedback.  Good, bad, or otherwise we want to know so we can always improve our programs. 


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