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Looking for a School Fundraiser? 
Best FUNDRAISING Option for your school is right here.....

OTA Camps

Bring the excitement of an OTA Summer Camp to YOUR school this summer.


How it works

Summer camps are a huge revenue source for the school — a large portion of each enrollment goes back to the school. We are a “full-service” program: We handle all paperwork, emergency forms, and parent correspondence, and have an onsite director to make sure any issues are handled.



Overtime Athletics will handle EVERYTHING (Advertising, Marketing, Website Design, Online Registration, & running an awesome camp)

What we need:

  • Field

  • Gym

  • Cafe

If your schools building is not an option, we still have a PLAN!

The process....

We combine quality curriculum and incredible coaches to provide stress-free camp for your school.


OTA will work with you to set up the camp.  


Families will enroll through our online enrollment system (Or yours) We also provide the materials  needed to advertise the upcoming session such as flyers, posters, yard signs and table displays.


Camps in the summer normally run from 1 to 10 weeks long.  We have a strong Coach to Child ratio  of 10:1 - our coaches are trained and background checked.  OTA will provide all necessary                    equipment.


Before, during, & after the session, families will receive on-going communication directly from us.    Families will always know what their child is doing in Overtime Athletics and will be made aware of  any changes in our schedule.


After the session, Overtime Athletics will send a link to families to get their feedback.  Good, bad,      or otherwise we want to know so we can always improve our programs. 


After the completion of the camp, OTA will pay a percentage of the gross revenue to the school.          WIN/WIN

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