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Pricing Recommendation:  $10 - $15 per child per class:  Example (8 Week Program = $80 per child)

More Sample Emails

Hi Dalia – I hope your summer is going well.  Can I send you some information on Overtime Athletics Enrichment After School Programs?  We work with over 500 elementary schools nationwide and would love to partner with you guys.  


We work alongside of current extended day programs (very similar to mad science, girls on the run etc). 


We offer programs like:  Cheerleading, Basketball, Soccer, Flag Football, ETC.. 


Please let me know if I can send you something,

Hi Principal Brandler – I hope your summer is going well.   I would love to send you some information on Overtime Athletics Enrichment Programs as we will be working with a couple schools right in your area.


Overtime Athletics works with over 500+ elementary schools nationwide and have been doing so for over 19 years. 


Our programs are fun, safe, and completely managed by our staff (very similar to Mad Science or Girls on the Run; except we do sports: Basketball, Soccer, Cheerleading, Lacrosse, Flag Football, etc).  We work alongside other extended day programs that you may already have in place.  

Check out our website at:  

Let me know if I can send you more information.  Thanks,

Hi Jennifer – I hope your summer is going well.  Overtime Athletics Enrichment Program works with over 25 elementary schools in Loudoun County running after school programs.  We would love to get involved with Lucketts ES.  Do you guys currently run after school programs?  

The programs we are recommending for the fall are:  

Sports Spectacular Grades K-5

All Star Scrimmaging  Grades 3-5

Soccer Grades K-5

Flag Football Grades K-5

Cheerleading K-5

Of course we have many more – but these seem to always be the most popular.   We handle all flyers and registration. 

If you have time to speak on the phone, I am around all week.   Please visit our website to learn more:


Let me know when you can,

Once you get a response asking for information

  • As quickly as possible send the below email (Ideally within minutes because you know they are in front of their computer)

  • Remember to make an opportunity in the HUB

Thanks Erin - So we try to make our programs as mindless as possible for you all.  WE HANDLE EVERYTHING!  Flyers for the kids, communication to families, trained/equipped staff, and great programs.

OTA Enrichment Program

After you review, let me know if you have time for a quick phone call.   


Our website also has loads of information:


***2 Days Later without a Response***

Hi Erin - Just circling around to see if you had any questions on our programs.  I'm free to hop on the phone to discuss anytime you are free.  



***2 Days Later without a Response***


Hi Erin - We are locking in our programs for this upcoming session and would love to work @ __________ Elementary School.  Let me know if you have 5 minutes to discuss how we can help. 


Meeting is set up - What to bring?

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