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Enrichment Programs:



You should still be spending 1-2+ hours PER DAY on Sales.  Knowing your competition is critical.  You should be monitoring competitor websites to cherrypicking schools, facilities, etc.  Maintaining/Updating your Territory Sales within the HUB will help you stay organized.  Adding NEW schools, facilities, preschools, churches, etc is YOUR JOB!

Be relentless on New Business 

  • 20 Phone Calls a day

  • 20 New School/Facility Emails a day (Review how to use sequencing)

You want to build your Book of Opportunities:

  • Shown interest in OTA (Responded to an email or phone call)

  • Have an existing After School Program/Found on Competitor Site

  • Summer Camp location I’m going after

You should spend just as much time on your opportunities as you do trying to drum up new business. 

Make phone calls with an actions behind it

Selling OTA After School Programs to Parent Organizations

Selling OTA After School Programs to Administrations

Example of an 8 Day Sequence Emailing Plan

Hi Sarah, 


I hope you are enjoying your summer - It's hard to believe how fast they tend to fly by :) Overtime Athletics has been running after school enrichment programs for 17 years and is considered the leader in our field.   We would like to work with Louise Archer Elementary this year. 

Here is a list of programs that we offer: OTA Catalog

Do you have time for a quick phone call? 



Chris Whelan 
Overtime Athletics | Owner 


***2 Days Later (Find the original send email and reply all)***

Hi Sarah, 


I just wanted to circle around on my previous email. I know you are super busy with school just around the corner; I actually have two kids preparing for school and I'm on the PTA at my daughter's elementary school (So I totally get it). . Here is a quick snap shot and video that describes our enrichment programs: OTA Enrichment Programs


Let me know if you have any questions, 


Chris Whelan 
Overtime Athletics | Owner 


***2 Days Later (Find the previous email and reply all) ***

Hi Sarah, 


You won't find a more professional company than OTA.  All OTA instructors are background checked, equipped, and OTA certified (trained) to run our programs.  


Let me know if we can have a quick phone call. Thanks, 

Chris Whelan 
Overtime Athletics | Owner 


***3 Days Later (Find the previous email and reply all) ***


Hi Sarah - I hope I haven't flooded your inbox too much :) . Overtime Athletics really cares about kids and running excellent programs. I hope you give us a chance at your school.


Chris Whelan 

Overtime Athletics | Owner 



More Sample Emails

Hi Dalia – I hope your summer is going well.  Can I send you some information on Overtime Athletics Enrichment After School Programs?  We work with over 500 elementary schools nationwide and would love to partner with you guys.  


We work alongside of current extended day programs (very similar to mad science, girls on the run etc). 


We offer programs like:  Cheerleading, Basketball, Soccer, Flag Football, ETC.. 


Please let me know if I can send you something,

Hi Principal Brandler – I hope your summer is going well.   I would love to send you some information on Overtime Athletics Enrichment Programs as we will be working with a couple schools right in your area.


Overtime Athletics works with over 500+ elementary schools nationwide and have been doing so for over 17 years. 


Our programs are fun, safe, and completely managed by our staff (very similar to Mad Science or Girls on the Run; except we do sports: Basketball, Soccer, Cheerleading, Lacrosse, Flag Football, etc).  We work alongside other extended day programs that you may already have in place.  

Check out our website at:  

Let me know if I can send you more information.  Thanks,

Hi Jennifer – I hope your summer is going well.  Overtime Athletics Enrichment Program works with over 25 elementary schools in Loudoun County running after school programs.  We would love to get involved with Lucketts ES.  Do you guys currently run after school programs?  

The programs we are recommending for the fall are:  

Sports Spectacular Grades K-5

All Star Scrimmaging  Grades 3-5

Soccer Grades K-5

Flag Football Grades K-5

Cheerleading K-5

Of course we have many more – but these seem to always be the most popular.   We handle all flyers and registration. 

If you have time to speak on the phone, I am around all week.   Please visit our website to learn more:


Let me know when you can,

Once you get a response asking for information

  • As quickly as possible send the below email (Ideally within minutes because you know they are in front of their computer)

  • Remember to make an opportunity in the HUB

Thanks Erin, So we try to make our programs as mindless as possible for you all.  WE HANDLE EVERYTHING!  Flyers for the kids, communication to families, trained/equipped staff, and great programs.


Of course if you have already have after school programs in place, we can do as much or little as you need.  This page outlines our program with a quick video:

OTA Enrichment Program

After you review, let me know if you have time for a quick phone call.   


Our website also has loads of information:


***2 Days Later without a Response***

Hi Erin - Just circling around to see if you had any questions on our programs.  I'm free to hop on the phone to discuss anytime you are free.  



***2 Days Later without a Response***


Hi Erin - We are locking in our programs for this upcoming session and would love to work @ __________ Elementary School.  Let me know if you have 5 minutes to discuss how we can help. 


Knowing your competition

Knowing your competition is a crucial in the sales process.  You should constantly be monitoring our competitors sites to see what schools they are working with.  YOU KNOW if they are working @ a certain school, then OTA should be at the school as well. 



Young Rembrandts:

Girls on the Run:

Soccer Shots:



1 on 1 Basketball:

Science Explorers:

Play Well:

Sales Calendar

Maintaining Partnerships

After School Programs



If you can't get in touch with your ASP Contact, after the 2nd email without a response, we will go directly to the PTA President or Principal.  

Example Email:

Hi Principal Thomas – I hope you are well.  Our company Overtime Athletics has been running after school enrichment programs @ Columbus ES for and I’m trying to figure out who my point of contact is this year.  Can you help?  Last year it was Amir Hines – but I’m having difficultly getting in touch with him.  I’m holding a spot for Columbus ES but our schedule is getting full. Let me know when you can and thanks


When setting up Programs: 

If you are running the online registration, remember to:

  • Offer flyers

  • Create a coupon for your coordinator so his/her family can come free

  • Social Media Blasts mentioning the School/Partner

  • Email blast families that have registered to help 'Spread the word' (2-4 times before the programs start)

  • Update coordinators with enrollment numbers

  • Send rosters to:  Your Coordinator, Your Staff, Front Office Staff

  • Send Welcome Email to Families

  • If you MUST cancel a program, you do it immediately and make sure you CALL and EMAIL each family.  Make sure you confirm with your POC before doing so.


Building Enrollment

  • Sending flyers to all Partner Schools (If they allow)

  • Sending Marketing Emails to existing database about programs

  • Asking the PTA/School is they are sending emails out on your behalf

  • Yard Signs at the School

  • Postcards/Flyers on the Community Table at the school

  • Attending Back to School Nights

  • Social Media Advertising

  • Tap a Friend Campaigns

In-Session Marketing

  • Birthday Party Handouts/Announcements

  • Summer Camp Handouts

  • Winter/Spring Break Camp Handouts

  • Leagues/Clinics Handouts

Update the HUB

  • Updating Enrollment Numbers and Total Revenue


Constantly checking in with PTA Reps, Principals, Secretaries, ETC to see how programs are going and if they need anything.  We are also emailing participating families about what has been going on in our programs (Parents LOVE this information because it's hard to get info from the kids).  And we are communicating with our staff to see how they can be supported to running the best programs possible.  

Get into programs to evaluate your staff and programs.  Everytime you set foot into a school, you should let your POC know. 

Once all the programs have started, enrollment numbers should be inserted into the HUB.  On the Payment Page within the HUB, you can export your receivables and start invoicing schools/partners from Quickbooks.  The sooner you invoice, the sooner you get paid.  



Within the HUB each program has a link for a survey.  This link should be sent to all participants.  You want to know that good, bad, & ugly.  

Closing the Books

At the end of each session, review your accounts receivables on the HUB and Quickbooks; re-invoice anyone that hasn't paid from previous sessions.  If a school hasn't paid, we always send a reminder email to our coordinator letting them know we are trying to close the books on the previous session.  It's also a good time to make sure all received $$ on Jumbula is noted accurately on the HUB

Hand-Written Notes

It's a great habit to send a hand written note to all partners at the end of the year thanking them for their support and organization.