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Marketing Platforms:


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Park & Recreation

Will Doyle (Montgomery County Franchisee

Parks and Recreation Highlight)

While looking for summer camp locations in late 2018, I noticed the Montgomery County Parks and Recreation Summer camp guide and reached out to their office to inquire about new partnerships. A couple phone calls and an in-person meeting later, I noticed they were not running any Flag Football Summer camps. We started off with 2 weeks of Flag Football Camp over the 2019 summer, with an average of about 15 kids per week. That turned into weekend basketball clinics (bringing in 50-60 kids ages 3-13)during this school year and when summer camp discussion came back around, the feedback for our programs was so outstanding that we opened 2 locations for full summer, multi-sport camps as well as Flag football camps and a possible partnership for summer basketball leagues. 


Word of mouth travels fast, and when camp registration opened up on Jan. 21st, we brought in over $40k in revenue on the first day. If the early results continue to climb, we are looking at a potential for $150k+ between all of our offerings through the county. The best part is, we are able to do this all without spending a dime on marketing since the Camp guides get sent out to every single Elementary and Middle School at the county.

Updated Corvallis Park and Recreation
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Community Associations

Easiest way to find a community association is find a Community Pool?  


Youth Leagues

Private Sports Facilities

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RCX Partnership

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How to Get Started

  1. Create an NFL FLAG League Organizer account. To submit your league information, click here.

  2. On the left-hand side under your ‘User Menu click Start a League.

  3. Fill out the requested information and add as much detail as possible.

  4. Check the box for I understand and agree to the NFL FLAG League Organizer Agreement. 

  5. Complete a required background check with Sterling Volunteers. To submit your information, click here.

  6. I will follow up with next steps upon approval of your background check.

Selling Camps

Intro Email

Phone Call

Follow-up Email

  • LinkedIn

Search on LinkedIN

Follow-up Email

Phone Call

Sample Intro

Hi Jase - I hope you are well.  I would love to send you some information on Overtime Athletics (OTA) as we have a new franchise in Las Vegas!  We have been around for 20 years and work with over 100 of recreation departments.  We specialize in enrichment programs, preschool programs, and camps (we offer 20+ different programs). 


I would love to connect and thanks so much! 

Once you get a response asking for information

  • As quickly as possible send the below email (Ideally within minutes because you know they are in front of their computer)

  • Remember to make an opportunity in the HUB

***2 Days Later***

Thanks so much!  So we try to make our camps as mindless as possible for you all.  WE HANDLE EVERYTHING! 

OTA Summer Camps

Are you available tomorrow?  I would love to swing by and meet you for 15 minutes.  


Hi Erin - Just circling around to see if you had any questions on our camps.  I'm free to hop on the phone to discuss anytime you are free.  


***2 Days Later***

Hi Erin - We are hoping to secure our summer plans by the end of the month.  Were you able to review the information?  I'm going to be at ____________ elementary school right down the road on __________ and would love to stop by.


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