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OTA Spark Program

Pricing Recommendation:  $10 - $17 per child per class:  Example (8 Week Program = $80 per child

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Selling SPARK

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Once you get a response asking for information

  • As quickly as possible send the below email (Ideally within minutes because you know they are in front of their computer)

  • Remember to make an opportunity in the HUB

Thanks Sarah, So we try to make our programs as mindless as possible for you all. 

Here is a quick intro/video:

We have 2 models when we work with preschools:


Model 1: We would set up a 6–8-week program where our class would meet once a week after school.  In this scenario, families would register and pay (for an 8-week class we charge $88 per child).


Model 2:  We would work with your entire school (come before, during, or after) and the cost would depend on how many kids are involved and how often.  


Let me know which model fits and we can discuss further :) 




***2 Days Later without a Response***

Hi Erin - Just circling around to see if you had any questions on our programs.  I'm free to hop on the phone to discuss anytime you are free.  



***2 Days Later without a Response***


Hi Erin - We are locking in our programs for this upcoming session and would love to work @ __________ School.  Let me know if you have 5 minutes to discuss how we can help. 


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