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OTA Spark Program

Pricing Recommendation:  $10 - $17 per child per class:  Example (8 Week Program = $80 per child

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Who to sell to:



Montessori Schools

Churches with schools

Selling SPARK

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Follow-up Email

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Once you get a response asking for information

  • As quickly as possible send the below email (Ideally within minutes because you know they are in front of their computer)

  • Remember to make an opportunity in the HUB

Thanks Sarah - So we try to make our programs as mindless as possible for you all. 

Here is a quick intro/video:

We have 2 models when we work with preschools:


Model 1: We would set up a 6–8-week program where our class would meet once a week after school.  In this scenario, families would register and pay through our system.


Model 2:  We would work with your entire school (come before, during, or after) and the cost would depend on how many kids are involved and how often.  


I would love to come by and discuss further or even hop on a quick call.  Let me know when you can.  



***2 Days Later without a Response***

Hi Erin - Just circling around to see if you had any questions on our programs.  I'm free to hop on the phone to discuss anytime you are free.  



***2 Days Later without a Response***


Hi Erin - We are locking in our programs for this upcoming session and would love to work @ __________ School.  Let me know if you have 5 minutes to discuss how we can help. 


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