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Kids and Food

What Can I Do to Help My Child Make Healthy Choices About Food?

Here at Overtime Athletics, health is one of our most important priorities. We keep kids active throughout the day by showing them how valuable physical fitness is.

As a parent, it is important to maintain healthy choices at home. Parents must be role-models when it comes to making healthy food choices. Your children learn from you! The number one thing parents can do to help their children make healthy choices about the food they consume is to be a positive role model. When you look in your snack drawer, would you have any healthy options? How many times a week do you order fast food? Parents do not have to make drastic changes…they can simply start with adding a piece of fruit to lunches and cutting down the amount of times the family takes trips to fast food restaurants.

Nestle Foods offer these tips for healthy eating habits for kids…and OTA agrees!

  1. Always eat breakfast

  2. Choose healthy snacks

  3. Drink water

  4. Grow your own vegetables

  5. Eat together as a family

  6. Allow kids to help make dinner

  7. Encouraging kids to eat slowly

  8. Being creative with meals – add colors and designs!

  9. Teach children to stop eating when they are full

  10. Never give up – some children need to try a new food 7-10 times before they like it!

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