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Why Overtime Athletics?

We started Overtime Athletics in 2003 with the mission to give kids HIGH FIVES. 14 years later, we are making that happen with 25,000 kids per year.

When buying a franchise, there are many variables to consider. You want to get involved at a place that you can succeed financially but also believe in the product and/or service.

Here is why we think OTA stands out:

1. Purpose Driven Work

Our game-plan is designed to motivate young people to embrace a healthy lifestyle at an early age while learning the rewards of teamwork and the fundamentals of the game. Overtime Athletics attention to details and enthusiasm for combining athletic games, contests, and instruction creates a positive environment for young participants to succeed.

2. Flexibility

While owning your own business is not easy - it does allow you to make your own schedule. Working from home allows you to work during your most productive times, wear what you're most comfortable wearing and create a workflow that works for you. It also allows you find that balance between work and personal life. Working from home can make this balance a little bit easier to find and maintain.

3. Technology Friendly Lifestyle

The integration of technology into the daily operation happens every day with Overtime Athletics. We are continually adding innovating tools and technologies to increase the effectiveness of the business while embracing customer needs and expectations.

4. Community

When you buy an Overtime Athletics Franchise, you are also buying into a family. Not only will you work directly with the owners (Chris Whelan & Chris Horich), you will be working and learning from our current franchisees.

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