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Choosing a Summer Camp

Your child is off from school for three months and when thinking about summer activities, you have a TON of options to choose from, such as summer camps, summer school, vacations, or simply relaxing. Summer camps are a popular option because there are so many types to pick from.

Sports camps are a good choice for children, because they will keep your child physically active, and teach them great skills about teamwork, winning and losing, and how to listen to a coach.

If you decide to send your child to a summer sports camp, you will have to choose which type is right for you. When choosing a sports camp you will have to factor in your child’s age, interests and skill level, in addition to your budget and availability. There are five main types of sports camps that Overtime Athletics offer to families:

  • Traditional Day Multi-sport camp: This type of camp has a focus on learning basics about many different sports, and focuses mainly on having fun. There are usually no competitive games in this type of summer camp.

  • Specialty Skill camp: A skill camp will allow children (usually older) to focus on specific aspects of a sport, such as pitching, kicking a goal, perfecting their swing or throwing a football.

  • Training Camps: A sports camp focusing on types of sport, like soccer or golf. Drills and games are used to learn and strengthen skills and prepare for competition.

  • Celebrity/Professional Team camps: Summer camps that are endorsed by local athletes or celebrities are often expensive, but campers learn valuable skills and often go back year after year.

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