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Welcome OTA Greater Phoenix AZ

Reston VA | 1.4.23

We are very excited to welcome Karen and Natalie Suvada to the OTA Franchise Family.

Karen is the proud owner of the Greater Phoenix OTA franchise. Her diverse background includes engineering project management, small business ownership, and teaching/tutoring in education. Assisting her in this venture is her daughter, Natalie Suvada, a licensed occupational therapist with experience in pediatrics and acute care.

🚀 The Dynamic Duo:

Karen and Natalie bring a wealth of expertise and passion to the OTA business. With a strong belief in OTA's ideal business model, they are committed to offering children much-needed physical activity in enjoyable, non-competitive settings.

🌈 Why OTA?

OTA stands out as the perfect platform to create an environment where children can learn, play, and develop crucial skills through engaging activities. Karen and Natalie are honored to introduce OTA to the Phoenix area, aiming to contribute positively to children's lives.

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