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Welcome OTA Windsor/London Canada

We are excited to introduce Hilton Keeton to the Overtime Athletics Family. Having fun while being active has been Hilton's passion since a very young age. While playing a wide range of sports throughout his school career and beyond, Hilton has not only been a successful sportsman but his belief has always been to enjoy what he is doing first and then the accomplishments will come later.

Hilton has been teaching in the elementary phase for the past 15 years and has had the privilege of developing and leading a new school during the past 8 years. During his time as principal Hilton was renowned for getting children to enjoy being active, resulting in all the students participating in many different sports. While being involved in coaching sport throughout his teaching career and heading the Physical Education program for a number of years, Hilton has thrived on the interaction of the children.

Having emigrated from South Africa , Hilton is now enjoying the Canadian lifestyle, playing tennis, trail running and having plenty of maple syrup! Hilton is looking forward to sharing his energy and he and his team are excited to develop a positive mindset with all the children who attend the OTA program.


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