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OTA's Mission is to give


H.I.G.H. F.I.V.E.S.

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Our Story


The foundation of Overtime Athletics is our commitment to providing the most FUN & SAFE programs around. 

The best coaches in the business

  1. Every Overtime Athletics coach goes through what we call our I.H.T (Interview, Hire, Train) System.  They must complete our comprehensive training program to receive certification.  

  2. All Overtime Athletics instructors have access to our Curriculum Portal which is where they design their Programming Day Card for the day.

  3. Coaches are routinely evaluated and undergo ongoing training.  

  4. We want coaches that are GOOD WITH KIDS FIRST, GOOD WITH SPORTS SECOND.  


If you have a passion for positively impacting children, we’d love to talk to you.  Find your local office and apply on the website



Founders Chris Whelan & Chris Horich have 20 years of coaching College, High School, & Youth players under their belts – their vision to provide structured after school athletic programs where kids can play, practice, compete and just plain have fun started back in 2003 with the inaugural OTA program kicking off in Stamford, CT. 


Today, Overtime Athletics is the leading provider of youth athletic activities, specializing in After School Programs, Summer Camps, Birthday Parties, Leagues, and Clinics. Our game-plan is designed to motivate young people to embrace a healthy lifestyle at an early age while learning the rewards of teamwork and the fundamentals of the game. Overtime Athletics attention to details and enthusiasm for combining athletic games, contests, and instruction creates a positive environment for young participants to succeed.

Our philosophy of PARTICIPATION and FUN guide us in our quest to show kids the excitement and value of playing sports. Preparation, organization, discipline, and teamwork guarantees participants enjoyment and improvement in all aspects of the games.

Overtime Athletics proven curriculum for boys and girls of all skill levels puts as much emphasis on positive attitudes and sportsmanship as it does on any contemporary athletic technique. Our dedicated instructors spend just as much time being players' biggest fans as they do providing quality instruction.

The “OTA Way” is defined by the support we provide our Partnering Schools and Facilities, Principals and PTA’s, and Parents and Participants.  Friendly, Reliable, Safe, Organized, Flexible, Experienced, and Professional are the ingredients we have embraced for over a decade of programming to achieve the win-win results that Overtime Athletics has become known for.

Our mission always has been, and will remain,  TO GIVE H.I.G.H. F.I.V.E.S.

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Chris Whelan | Co-Founder


Chris Horich | Co-Founder










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Our Programs

Our Programs

  1. Our developmentally appropriate curriculum places an emphasis on Sportsmanship, Teamwork, and Skill Building

  2. Our program was created under the guidance of childhood education specialists that have an emphasis of Safety & Fun

  3. We constantly re-evaluate and update our curriculum to stay current with childhood education standards.

  4. See our PROGRAMS HERE

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