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OTA Birthday Parties

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Overtime Athletics wants to help make a memory!  Every child looks forward to their birthday party and every parent is left to figuring out how to make it special.  Give your child a chance to score a goal, run for a touchdown, or make a shot for their birthday this year!  To do so, invite OTA to the party! 

OTA Birthday Parties are:

  • For Kids ages 4-12 years old

  • 1.5 hours

  • Easy to set up and schedule

  • Affordable

  • Included - equipment, coaches, & a gift bag for the birthday child

  • No mess, hassle-free parties that offer kids a chance to participate in sports of their choosing in a fun energetic atmosphere.  ​

We come to you, rain or shine.  Our parties are held indoors or outdoors at a location you determine (backyard, park, rec fieldn, gym, church, etc)

How it works


Contact us (Find your location) - We'll answer your questions and make things official


Sit back and spectate as we set up, manage, and run an amazing program.

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