OTA Birthday Parties

Overtime Athletics wants to help make a memory!  Every child looks forward to their birthday party and every parent is left to figuring out how to make it special.  Give your child a chance to score a goal, run for a touchdown, or make a shot for their birthday this year!  To do so, invite OTA to the party! 

OTA Birthday Parties are:

  • For Kids ages 4-12 years old

  • 1.5 hours

  • Easy to set up and schedule

  • Affordable

  • Included - equipment, coaches, & a gift bag for the birthday child

  • No mess, hassle-free parties that offer kids a chance to participate in sports of their choosing in a fun energetic atmosphere.  

We come to you, rain or shine.  Our parties are help indoors or outdoors at a location you determine (backyard, park, rec fieldn, gym, church, etc)


1.  SET UP

Contact the OTA Director in your territory and set up the logistics of the birthday party. The director will send you a link to register.  

2. The Party


A trained background checked member of our staff will come to the location we set up and run the 90 minute session. We bring all of the necessary equipment. 







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