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Summer Camps

Overtime Athletics is the LEADER in running CAMP!

  • Summer Camp

  • Fall, Winter, & Spring Break Camps

  • No School Day Camps

  • NFL FLAG Camps


Summer Camps

Break Camps

Break Camps

NFL Flag Camps

NFL Flag Camps
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OTA Benefits

  • No pressure sports programs for every kid to try out.​

  • Socializing and Friendship building


  • Cutting down on screen time

  • Positive Role Models with OTA Coaches

  • Teaching Sportsmanship and Teamwork

  • OTA will be always be flexible to meet your needs - Just ASK  😀

Types of Camps

  • Traditional Full Day Camp

  • Activity Camps

  • 1/2 Day Sports Camps

    • Flag Football​

    • Soccer

    • Basketball

    • Street Hockey

    • Variety Sports 

    • Lacrosse

    • Tennis and Golf

    • Wiffle Ball

    • Cheerleading

Where is Camp?

Any safe space:

  • School

  • Park and Recreation

  • Field Rental

  • Family space

  • Church

  • YMCA

  • Country Club

  • Community Association

Why OTA Camp?

Overtime Athletics camps are excellent for kids because they combine physical activity, skill development, inclusivity, social interaction, and character development in a fun and structured environment, contributing to the holistic growth and well-being of children

How it works:

Step 1:  Dive into the details of our programs - class types, partnership options, fundraising opportunities, and more.

Step 2:  Contact us (Find your location) - We'll answer your questions and make things official

Step 3:  Sit back and spectate as we set up, manage, and run an amazing program.

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