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Overtime Franchisee: Pre-Training Exercise – Recruitment Options Spreadsheet


Understanding the workforce pool available to service your territory is a centerpiece for launching successfully.  We describe our “meat and potatoes” instructor as an individual, often young adult, who is in an academic situation (Undergraduate or Graduate – College, University, or Community College Student).  This demographic fits our needs in terms of flexible schedules and our Instructor Position generally fits their needs financially (meaning part time income to help subsidize their current lifestyle).  This exercise is intended to zero in on the “employee recruitment pools” available to you in our territory. 

There are also non-academic “spots” to recruit from in every territory.  The second tab of the Recruitment Options Spreadsheet should be used to locate the details surrounding these types of organizations.

**To get a sense of the options available in your territory to recruit instructors from, you will want to begin to complete the “Recruitment Options Spreadsheet”

  1. Investigate and Fill In: (Use Spreadsheet Template Provided Here)

    • Spreadsheet Tab 1 –

      • College/University

      • Town

      • Address

      • Online Job Posting Notes

      • Online Job Posting Link

      • School Sports Teams/Club Options

      • Fraternity and Sorority Options

      • Where to Post Flyer on Campus

      • Notes (Rules and Restrictions for Posting Flyers on Campus)

      • IHT Options and Locations (Campus) 

Screen Shot 2022-01-21 at 3.39.11 PM.png
  • Spreadsheet Tab 2 –

    • Recruitment Site (non-academic)

    • Town

    • Address

    • Online Job Posting Notes

    • Online Job Posting Link

    • Where to Post Flyers at Location

    • IHT Options and Locations (Town, Address, Notes)

Screen Shot 2022-01-21 at 3.51.03 PM.png
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