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Making $$ with your Youth Franchise

Let's get right to the point. You go into business to make money. Sure, you are motivated by other things that draw you towards specific types of businesses, but at the end of the day, the business has to make money. If it doesn't, it's a hobby.

It's a valid question to ask "How can I make money with a youth fitness business?" If you are considering making a change or starting something new, knowing there is a legitimate path to generate revenue is the first question that should be answered. Good news - you can make money with a kids fitness business. In fact, youth programming is a BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY! :) .

Ways To Make Money With A Kids Fitness Business

Our business model doesn’t just create occasional repeat revenue; it’s built on predictable recurring revenue that can stretch for years. We refer to a potential “14-Year Lifetime Value” for our customers, since we offer programs from ages 3-13. This means potentially up to 14 years of recurring revenue for each kid our franchisees service, and the average American family has two children or more. Recurring revenue, repeat business and strong word-of-mouth referrals make Overtime Athletics sustainable and scalable. Customer satisfaction is a key indicator of customer retention, and our superior customer experience creates strong brand loyalty and passionate fans among our customers.

Overtime Athletics has created a low-cost, home-based business model that can generate substantial revenue for franchise owners while keeping overhead expenses down. Owners access multiple revenue streams, including After School Programs, Summer Camps, Birthday Parties, Clinics, Leagues, Sponsorships, Registration Fees, etc.

For over 17 years, franchisees have used our training, technology, business systems and expertise to build profitable, sustainable businesses of which they can be proud.

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