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Welcome OTA Central Toronto

Reston VA | 12.5.23

We are excited to welcome Vincent Lagman into the OTA Franchise Family. Vincent brings a wealth of experience and passion for athletics, having been born in Manila and raised in the vibrant sports community of Toronto. His journey began on the basketball court, where he honed his skills and had the extraordinary opportunity to play among the elite, even under the mentorship of Canadian basketball legend Tony Simms.

Vincent transitioned into coaching, dedicating three years to mentoring a youth basketball team ranging from ages 10 to 15 through a prominent Youth Foundation in Toronto. Furthermore, he took the initiative to organize and lead a summer camp for the same Youth Foundation, showcasing his commitment to fostering the growth and development of young athletes.

Vincent's journey, from player to coach, has revealed a profound joy in guiding and mentoring the next generation. His dedication to making a positive impact on young lives aligns seamlessly with our values and mission.

Vincent has started OTA U and already has his first programs lined up for January!

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