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Welcome to Lake Charles Louisiana

Reston VA:

We are very excited to welcome Michael Thomas to the Overtime Athletics Family! Michael was awarded an OTA Franchise in Lake Charles Louisiana; which will be servicing Lake Charles, Lafayette, & Beumont.

Thomas has over thirty years of business leadership and entrepreneurial experience. He has been an active member of Phi Beta Sigma, a store manager, a loan officer, and a business owner. As a business owner, he was recognized as Diamond Elite franchise owner generating over $350,000 in gross sales. Thomas has been a mentor and coach to many small local businesses in the region. He has been active with young football athletes in the Lake Charles area for over 25 years. He is a 1994 graduate of McNeese State University with a degree in business.

Michael will be starting OTA University this week and plans on running programs Spring/Summer 2023.


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