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S.P.A.R.K. Preschool Programs

Sportsmanship.  Play.  Athletics.  Rewards.  Kids

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Program Description

It’s not “watch and learn”, its “play and learn!” We provide an added dimension to pre-school programs that gives children a taste of the sports, games, and activities they are just starting to become aware of. Our formula is to make Kids-STRONG. We start every program with our SUPERHERO warm-up. We get kids moving and soaring! Following our warm-ups, kids will have a chance to test their “SUPERPOWERS” (skills like running, jumping, catching, throwing, dodging, and more!)”, before entering the “Game Galaxy”! Here we play old favorites and new inventions in sports and games. This introduction to movement and sports is what every preschooler needs to BE STRONG!

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Light cardio exercises, dynamic stretches, and fun movements to engage their bodies and minds before engaging in play or sports


Teaching kids about skills in sports involves helping them develop. Skills are what make sports exciting and rewarding as kids can see themselves improve and achieve their goals through dedicated practice


We work on mastering the FUNdamentals of the SKILL we just worked on.


Our game curriculum has a balance between fun, skill development, and safety, making them an ideal choice for encouraging children to stay active and enjoy sports and physical activities.

How it works:

Step 1:  Dive into the details of our programs - class types, partnership options, fundraising opportunities, and more.

Step 2:  Contact us (Find your location) - We'll answer your questions and make things official

Step 3:  Sit back and spectate as we set up, manage, and run an amazing program.

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