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Why Overtime Athletics?

For 20+ years Overtime Athletics has been partnering with schools, organizations, and communities helping kids embrace a healthy lifestyle. Our program introduces the fundamentals of 20 different sports (soccer, hockey, tennis, basketball, lacrosse, football, running, baseball, cheerleading, & more) in a non-competitive environment. Children in Overtime Athletics routinely gain greater confidence and learn to combine fitness with fun. #play #highfives

Welcome to OTA

The OTA WAY:  From toddlers to tweens, OTA is an engaging children’s program that has a focus on FUN & SAFETY.   For years 20+ years OTA has been positively impacting families on & off the field through our best-in-class customer service, affordability, curriculum, coaching, & flexibility.


Colleen - Fairfield CT

"I’m so glad to see that you guys make fun your priority. My eight year old just quit his favorite sport soccer, because the coach was mean. He doesn’t ever want to sign up again. So I’m thrilled we can offer and provide “fun” sports through your programs! The kids just love it!"

Monica - Philadelphia PA

"You guys will definitely see my son in future Overtime Athletics camps. I’m smart enough to know you guys have developed the best summer camp for kids in this area. We will definitely be back."

Leslie - Seattle WA

"Thanks for running a great camp.  Stephanie had a terrific time and when asked she said it was 10/10.

Elizabeth - Falls Church VA

I am not sure of the name of the instructor who is in charge of flag football at Little Run, but he has done such an amazing job with our kids. Today was cold and breezy, but he went along with the kids' enthusiastic vote to go outside, which is so appreciated by the kids and parents. (I think I would have wimped out!) Thank you for continuing to send such top notch staff to Little Run. My son always comes home so happy after an afternoon with OTA!

Eric - Richmond VA

My son loved Overtime Athletics! By being exposed to a variety of sports, he’s now discovered his strengths and interests. Definitely helped us figure out which leagues to put him in!!!

Jessica - Dallas TX

This program is fantastic! The instructors are super knowledgeable and engaging and make learning about new sports, nutrition and muscle groups fun! It's wonderful to hear what my daughter has learned each week and I love how intentional the lessons are.

Ryan - Lake Charles LA

We have been so very thrilled with OTA. The variety of activity is perfect and keeps the children engaged and interested, Coach Jen is very professional and personable, and the kids are always excited when it's time to go to class. I would highly recommend their program.

Taylor - Denver, CO

This is an amazing program for kids who want to learn the foundational skills for any sport! My daughters (ages five and seven) took this class, and have asked several times to come back. They had a ton of fun and learned so much! Would highly recommend this for anyone looking for an activity-based class that also teaches important skills.

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