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Kids NEED Fresh Air!

Why fresh air is important for the development of ANY child:

Overtime Athletics prides itself on providing quality after-school activities for kids. Although Overtime Athletics tries to focus on activities outdoors, sometimes this is not possible because a large portion of the U.S. sees snow or mud for a sizeable part of the year. However, not only should children have the proper amount of exercise each day or week, they should also participate in rigorous, heart-pumping sports and games in the great outdoors for a variety of reasons.

  1. Fresh air promotes a healthy lifestyle and decreases risk of disease and cancer in children. Childhood obesity is an epidemic in America, and heart disease and failure seen in many U.S. adults should be combatted starting at a young age.

  2. Kids who participate in after-school school or other activities outside are more likely to socialize with other children. These healthy activities are then more likely to be carried into late childhood and early adulthood, where individuals make better choices when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle.

  3. With exercise, hyperactive children who have trouble focusing in school become calmer and more relaxed in class and at night during homework sessions.

  4. Fresh air stimulates eyesight. In coordination with activities such as tennis, golf, and baseball, eyesight and focus in children improves through practice and repetition.

  5. Fresh air relieves stress in children just as much as it does in adults. Children exercising in fresh air are less likely to have bad attitudes or poor behavior both inside the classroom and in the household.

So the next time your children refuse to put down the remote or video game and play outside, just give them a few simple reasons why exposure to fresh air is actually for their own benefit! Exercising in fresh air and maintaining proper blood flow is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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