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Proven Marketing Plans

OTA's core business...

Overtime Athletics is the nations largest youth provider, so clearly we're doing something right. You can't have a thriving youth sports business opportunity without knowing how to attract and retain customers, and at OTA, it starts at the elementary schools (We work with over 500+ Elementary Schools Nationwide). We partner with elementary schools throughout

the school year to run before/after school enrichment programs and that is the core of our business. We will build a network and trust through the elementary schools to create camps, leagues/clinics, & birthday parties.

We have put together a thorough Marketing Plan for our franchises which works whether you're a seasoned sales professional or just someone who is outgoing and willing to put in the work.

Why customers love Overtime Athletics

We are affordable. We are family-friendly. And we focus on fun. Our game-plan is designed to motivate young people to embrace a healthy lifestyle at an early age while learning the rewards of teamwork and the fundamentals of the game. Overtime Athletics attention to details and enthusiasm for combining athletic games, contests, and instruction creates a positive environment for young participants to succeed.

Our philosophy of PARTICIPATION and FUN guide us in our quest to show kids the excitement and value of playing sports. Preparation, organization, discipline, and teamwork guarantees participants enjoyment and improvement in all aspects of the games.

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