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Welcome OTA North Houston

Reston VA: 12.19.23

We are excited to introduce Darren Dixon to the OTA Franchise Family. Darren is a multifaceted individual, extending well beyond his diverse professional pursuits. Renowned as a respected IT professional, he also shares his expertise by coaching talent in football, baseball, and basketball. A dedicated family man, he prioritizes relationships above all else. However, his defining characteristic is an unwavering dedication and visionary spirit to assist everyone.

As the proprietor of a concert company, a thriving florist shop, and a fitness enthusiast, Darren's unyielding energy propels him to achieve remarkable feats. His passion and enthusiasm extend beyond coaching, as he excels in sports, particularly boxing, and efficiently manages condominiums with boundless motivation.

Darren has started OTA U and will be looking to have programs in 2024!!

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