Organized Sales Strategy

Being organized is the first step to being successful in sales.  Once a year (June or July) OTA HQ will redo your Sales List Contacts if you send the list > In the HUB, Export NON-Partners and tell us what information you want pulled.  

School Database (Partner vs Non Partner)

Keeping your HUB updated is a crucial part to be organized and being a successful at selling.

Recommended times for mass email campaigns:

  • Non-Partners

    • July 

    • September

    • November

    • February

    • June

  • Partners  (How great we are)

    • August

    • November

    • March

    • May

Customer Database

We bring all contacts from Jumbula & School Rosters into a centralized location.  

Turning Clicks into Leads

We recommend MONTHLY Newsletters to OTA Families​