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Overtime Athletics International Franchise Opportunities

Turn your passion for sports and kids into a successful business

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About Overtime Athletics

Overtime Athletics is the Leading Provider of Youth Athletic Programming – so we have decided to be a leader off the field and courts as well. After years of following the traditional path of franchise systems, we're blazing a new trail. Overtime Athletics is proud to break away from the norm and surge ahead by eliminating the traditional Royalties and Fees Structure. We're excited to introduce our transparent Network Fee system that simplifies the way you run your business.

Easy to Understand, Easy to Calculate, Easy to Track, Easy to Plan For:


  • First 6 Months – NO FEE Payments

  • Remainder of Franchise Agreement Term - $595 per Month Network Fee

  • No Royalty Payment before generating $350,000 in Yearly Revenue


“The Half-A-Million Model” is $595 per month Network Fee + 2% of Gross Revenue paid on Quarterly Bases (once revenue reaches $300K)

Why Choose Overtime Athletics


Our proprietary software helps our franchisees run their business.  The platform supports franchisees, offers a mobile app for coaches and provides thorough and fast on-boarding.


Easy to Understand, Easy to Calculate, Easy to Track, and Easy to plan for.  First 6 months FREE!  After 6th months, Network Fee of $585 per month. 

No Royalties activated until you reach $250k in yearly total revenue.  Then we add 2%.  


Overtime Athletics makes the franchise process seamless by offering serious entrepreneurs training, support, and strong brand to launch a new business.  We welcome prospective candidates with all backgrounds.


We're proud to have grown Overtime Athletics into what it is today.  

20 Years
27 States
3 International Location
Thousands of smiles



Founded in 2003, OTA laid has laid the ground work for our current and future franchisees.  Our programs are successful in schools, recreation departments, private facilities, and communities.  


Overtime Athletics has received multiple awards as a top franchise by many respected sources from 'Top Low Investment Franchise' to 'Top New Franchise System'

International Franchises
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One of the Top Franchises Under $50k

Low-cost franchises are always in demand, and Overtime Athletics offers one of the best low-cost franchise opportunities you will find. Entrepreneur magazine has repeatedly named us one of the top franchises under 100K.


Due to a combination of: 

     •  Low startup costs
     •  Multiple revenue streams
     •  Recurring revenue
     •  Low overhead
     •  Protected territories
     •  The ability to scale up the business to generate significant revenue

Our Business Model is designed to be accessible for passionate entrepreneurs who want to create a life-changing business for their families and for the kids in their communities.

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Why is our Initial Investment so low?


1. No real estate purchase is required;
2. No major capital equipment or significant upfront inventory is required;
3. We’re an established franchise system with a formula that works. We understand that if we keep our fees low, our franchise owners can invest in growth and thereby achieve their goals faster.


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Overtime Athletics currently operates in the U.S. States and Ontario Canada with lots of room to grow!  If you are looking for low cost franchise opportunity that comes with high emotional reward and the ability to create a better work/life balance, an Overtime Athletics Franchise may be exactly what you are looking for.  

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