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Why Choose Overtime Athletics

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Proven Business Model

Overtime Athletics is the leader in youth sports programming for kids.  We are a 20 year old company that has been franchising for 4 years. We are one of the fastest growing franchise companies in the US and work with over 50,000 children per year.

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Proprietary Software 

We developed a software that we are continually upgrading that helps our franchisees run their business.  The software incorporates: Sales, Staff Management, Payroll, Registration, Communication, & accounting. 

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Be Your Own Boss

Overtime Athletics makes the franchise process seamless by offering serious entrepreneurs training, support, and strong brand to launch a new business. 

Why is this such a great Opportunity?

Earning Potential starts from a Cash Positive position. How many businesses can you think of where your customer pays you in advance to deliver a service in the future? At OTA, you'll operate from a CASH POSITIVE position - collecting your revenue first, and then budgeting your expenses throughout the season to deliver the customer's experience. This eliminates the need for business lines of credit or expensive inventory investment to delivery your service. There are very few business models that provide this type of financial liquidity.

Income Potential: Your franchise earning potential is truly dependent on your efforts. A Overtime Athletics franchise is a complete system for success providing all of the tools necessary to help you thrive. How aggressively you market, how many programs you set up, and the quality of the programs you provide, all determine how big your franchise earning potential can be.

Low, Flat Fee Royalty Structure: We don't get into your books every month like other systems, our royalty fees are collected only once per quarter. Why - because we can't fulfill our mission without you being successful.

Proven Profitability - Powered by E-Commerce. We have built and run our own franchise locations and know what it takes to be successful. We've eliminated the costly start-up mistakes that you'd likely make without our guidance, and absorbed costly web development expenses. With OTA, your business start up costs are minimized and your time to market will be quick! With an e-commerce revenue platform, you'll be making sales without the store front, twenty-four hours per day.

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Initial Investment

Franchisee Fee

Average Training & Start-up Expenses

Fee Structure


Royalty Fee

Based on total revenue.

*Year 1 Royalty Free


Technology Fee

Monthly Fee


Hidden Fees

our youth sports franchise costs are kept low thanks to a low overhead and flexible business model. 


Financing Help?
Do you need help securing a loan to start your OTA Franchise?  We work with one of the leaders in the field, Finance Factory who specializes in Small Business Funding.

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