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Our Team


Chris Whelan | Co-Founder

From Day 1 Chris has been a coach.  At the age of 12 he ran his first camp in his parents driveway.  For 25 years he has successfully been coaching players, kids, employees, and NOW Franchisees.

In 2003 Chris started Overtime Athletics with Chris Horich and for 17 years they built, managed, and maintained a successful nationwide business.  In 2017 they decided to Franchise and since then they have been one of the fastest growing Kids Franchises in the US.  

Today Chris helps current OTA Franchises grow their business and looks for qualified people to open New OTA Locations.   

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Chris Horich | Co-Founder

After attending Virginia Tech University Chris has always been involved in working with kids.  From working for the Baltimore Orioles to the non-profit organization 'Living Classrooms', or to coaching travel teams, Chris always remained passionate about children.  

Chris is majorly responsible for the operations of OTA.  Since 2003 he has been fine tuning the Best Practices of Overtime Athletics and it shows in our programs.  Chris is the reason OTA is the BEST in the BUSINESS when it comes to training our instructors, communication to families, and overall program management.


Andrew Gendall

Director of International Sales

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Vivek Singla

Software Engineer

IT Support

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David Whelan



Ana Meade

New Sales Development

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Jessica Mears

Marketing Director

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