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Learn why Overtime Athletics Programs are so SAFE!

At Overtime Athletics, your child’s safety is our number 1 priority! We work hard every day to ensure that our programs are not only FUN but also the safest in town. OTA has developed a six-pronged approach to address this important issue. Enrichment programs like Overtime Athletics extends the school day for your children and research has shown the extensive benefits of keeping your children engaged in structured activities that keep them healthy. What are the 6 main concepts?


  1. Instructors

  2. Curriculum

  3. Equipment

  4. Attendance – Dismissal

  5. Discipline Policy

  6. Insurance


  • All OTA employees have been submitted to an extensive background check and we work with each individual school to make sure all district policies are met.

  • Each employee must go through a rigorous training process and submit continued training exercises throughout their first year of employment.

  • All coaches must also “Shadow” a veteran employee before they run programs on their own.

  • OTA staffs programs with a strict 10:1 ratio.

  • OTA Coaches show up at least 15 minutes early to every program.


  • OTA has built a tried and true curriculum with the best games and activities over their 14-year existence.

  • Skills/Drills/Games are tailored to every grade level – From Kindergarten to 5th Grade and above.

  • No programming day is the same to ensure your children are never bored.


  • OTA works exclusively with Champion Sports.

  • All equipment is age-appropriate.

  • Equipment is inspected by instructors before each program to ensure safety.

Attendance – Dismissal

  • All OTA programs will have hard-copies of rosters – making sure your child is in the right place.

  • Coaches cross reference absent students with the on-site coordinators or front office before the program starts.

  • Parents must sign their children out of every class or adhere to any school policy or procedure.

Discipline Policy

  • All Overtime Athletics programs are designed to be FUN and safe.

  • Students will be reminded of the 5 OTA rules each session date (Listen to the coaches, No touching one another, Not using the equipment w/o permission, Not leaving the programming area w/o permission, and “Be Nice, Be Kind or Be Gone!”

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