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Who are the Overtime Athletics Instructors?

The Overtime Athletics instructors come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Most are students at the local colleges or universities that are perusing degrees in childcare, youth empowerment, general education, coaching and/or sports management. We also have other instructors that are school teachers, personal trainers and/or nutritionist. OTA looks for qualified instructors that can carry out the mission of what’s most important to us; fun through sports and safety. We want Overtime Athletics to be the premier afterschool sport enrichment program known for their consistently fun activities and quality instructors that take safety seriously. We know that this can only be achieved through the instructors we call our own.

The process to become an OTA instructor starts from the initial interest. We screen potential instructors looking for how professional they are, what their demeanor says, if they were on time and how well they communicate. As an extension of OTA, we want each instructor on staff to uphold each of the values OTA holds true. We are only as strong as the instructor we have on staff.

Each potential instructor will go through an interview where he/she will be screened and questioned on what brought them to OTA, what is their background in childcare, and how they feel they can make an impact with OTA. We look for qualities that set others apart, qualities such as politeness, communication, enthusiasm, desire, drive, punctuality and consideration. We, at OTA, know that these are qualities that cannot be taught so therefore it is vital that each instructor that becomes a part of the OTA team, have these trademark qualities and characteristics.

During training, the instructors will be given the tools they are needed to run safe and successful OTA sports classes. They are taught how to set up their lesson plans, how to create games and activities for various sports for various age groups, as well as how to keep all the kids moving and focused on the activity at hand. This lesson is vital because idle hands is where mischievous children get into trouble. Empowering each instructor with techniques to keep the kids, active, moving and happy, we decrease the need for discipline and increase the want for more fun.

Each instructor is responsible for catapulting OTA above all of our competitors. We work to try to improve our standard of service each chance we get. It is through the training, quality and standards of our instructors that we can continue to provide leading services in afterschool programs.

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