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Franchise Spotlight

Overtime Athletics Franchise Spotlight is featuring our Atlanta, Georgia owner, Matt Pulliam. In just a few months Matt has taken the ATL by storm. Partnering with over 7 facilities to bring the area over 40 Summer Camps. Along with Summer camps he is excited to bring a 4th of July basketball tournament, kickball league, dodgeball tournaments, and a unique twist to babysitting.

Matt Pulliam is an Atlanta native. He started school at the University of Alabama, and then transferred to Kennesaw State where he got a degree is Sports Management. Matt, although didn't start the Overtime Athletics Atlanta branch, he worked with OTA as a coach throughout college and developed a passion for what the company stood for. After working a couple of jobs after finishing College, and even trying to start his own after-school program all roads pointed back to OTA. "My decision of buying a franchise was a no-brainer. The day I found out that Overtime Athletics was franchising it took me two seconds to say YES!"

Matt has been playing sports all his life and started coaching youth sports as early as High school. "Knowing I can work with sports and kids at the same time as well as having the ability to own my own business was a dream come true"

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