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OTA Franchise Owner #7

Starting 2018 off with a BANG, we would like to welcome Spencer Burrows as the New Denver OTA Franchise Owner! Spencer has been working for OTA for the past year and decided being a franchise owner is exactly what he wanted to do. Spencer attended the University of Hawaii at Hilo before moving back to Colorado. Spencer grew up playing baseball and basketball being coached by his father. Spencer says that because of this father, he quickly fostered a love of sports and was able to see how people, children in particular, should be coached.

He idolized great coaches growing up, Mike Krzyzewski, Bobby Bowden, & Bill McCartney who he feels all share the a similar philosophy of seeing their players as people first and getting the best out of them. Spencer has always respected this and has tried to mold that philosophy into his own life.

He and his wife Tiffany recently had a son named Sterling in August of ‘17, and he is the biggest joy in their lives.

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