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OTA Franchise Owner #8

We are very excited to announce Adam Desgain is OTA's #8 Franchisee (Richmond VA). Adam was born and raised in Richmond, Va. at a young age Adam realized he had a true passion for sports. Adam really began to focus on basketball beginning in high school. He attended JR Tucker high school where he became the schools 2nd all time leading scorer behind NBA Analyst Tim Legler. After high school Adam was fortunate enough to play basketball at the college level at Randolph Macon. He won a total of 92 games during his 4 Years there. He made a trip to the NCAA Division 3 final four in 2010. Aside from that he was able to play in three straight NCAA tournaments and win a conference championship in 2011. Adam tied the school record for most three pointers made in a game with 11. After college Adam found his true calling in coaching and helping mentor young adults through sports. Adam has been a high school basketball coach for 5 years and loves every bit of helping the youth succeed. Adam currently lives in Richmond, Va with his wife Lindsey. Adam and his wife enjoy playing soccer, basketball and doing outdoor activities with their dogs. Adam is super excited to be a part of the OTA family.

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