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Why the OTA Franchise was 'Right' for This Franchisee.

Want to learn what it’s like to own an Overtime Athletics Franchise from a current owner? For Seattle WA, Overtime Athletics franchisee Sean Myler, his business represents the way youth programming should be run.

“It is a business that requires a lot of hard work,” he says, “but there's enormous satisfaction both on the field and in the operations behind the scenes.”

What did you do before you became an OTA franchisee?

Prior to buying an OTA Franchise, my background included time as an Account Executive at an Experiential Marketing company, where I worked connecting brands to consumers through onsite/content driven activation; General Manager of SONO Field House, an indoor sports facility providing programming, rentals, and events to Fairfield County, CT. In addition, I’ve stay connected to youth programming by coaching basketball for 8 years and working for OTA for 10+ years.

How did you learn about OTA?

My experience with OTA goes back to 2003, when the program started. I was one of the original OTA instructors and over the next 15+ years, stayed involved and connected with the program. In 2016, I learned of OTA Franchising.

What appealed to you about the business opportunity?

To become a small business owner, in an industry I know well, and providing a service I believe in and enjoy. The OTA business model and financial opportunity. Chance to create a lasting business, asset and revenue stream personally.

What would you say you enjoy most about being a business owner with OTA?

I enjoy the ability to control what I do, how much I make and where I want OTA to go. Each day is different, and up to you what gets done.

What are some specific ways that the corporate team has helped support you?

Provided the playbook for the OTA business model. Very personal, hands-on training. Provided the tools, resources and technology for providing the service

What kind of person do you think it takes to be successful as an OTA Franchisee?

I think it takes someone:

  • With a passion working with kids and sports.

  • With Patience.

  • Willingness to invest time, money & sweat to build something.

  • That understands it’s a process to build something, and money will come, over time if you stay the course. Trust the process.

  • Interested to make a great living, doing something you love, and have the autonomy to enjoy life too.

  • That wants to be a small business owner.

  • That wants to be in control of what they earn.

  • That values a healthy work & life balance.

What does your typical day look like now?

Each day is different. I try to ask myself, what can I do today that makes OTA better? Whether it’s focusing on sales growth, customer experience, service evaluation, staffing needs, financial analysis or simply…going to teach an after-school program myself, the daily goal is to make my OTA business better.

How do you feel about the future of the brand?

Confident and excited. Youth sports programming will never go away. With so many sports programs out there, parents and kids are looking for a great experience. Programs that take pride in providing quality, safe, fun and affordable programs will be left standing. OTA is 15 years strong, continuing to blaze the trail!

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