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Welcome OTA Inland Empire

Reston VA 12.11.23:

We are very excited to welcome Eric Bernstein to the OTA Family. Eric is set to bring OTA to the Inland Empire community in California (OTA's FIRST LOCATION IN CA).

About Eric Bernstein: A dedicated athlete and coach, Eric Bernstein's journey in the world of sports began at a young age. As a former college baseball player, he has experienced firsthand the transformative power of sports in shaping character and fostering teamwork. Eric's commitment to youth development, both socially and physically, fuels his aspiration to make a positive impact on the lives of young athletes in the Inland Empire.

Introducing Overtime Athletics to the Inland Empire: Eric Bernstein is excited to introduce Overtime Athletics to the vibrant community of the Inland Empire. OTA is renowned for its holistic approach, using sports as a vehicle for personal growth, teamwork, and skill development. The program emphasizes the joy of sports, making it an ideal platform for children to not only enhance their athletic abilities but also build essential life skills.

A Mission to Spread Joy: Eric's mission is clear – to spread the joy of sports throughout the Inland Empire. Through OTA, he aims to create a dynamic and engaging environment that encourages children to embrace physical activity, develop teamwork skills, and most importantly, have fun while doing so.

Get in the Game: Parents, families, and young athletes are invited to join Eric and the Overtime Athletics community in the Inland Empire. Eric's vision, combined with OTA's proven programs, promises an exciting and enriching experience for children of all ages.


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