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OTA sells #21 Franchise (Houston TX)

We are very excited to introduce our #21 Franchisee, Suavita

Elam-Okoro. Suavita is a Chicago native, but has called Houston her home for almost 20 years. She grew up on the west side of Chicago and graduated from Morton College in Cicero, Il. Suavita is also a US Army veteran. Striving for excellence, she aimed to defend those who could not defend themselves. She is a surgical technologist by trade so she understands very well about helping and serving others in need.

She has two adult sons and was very active on a countless number of team mom activities and booster clubs for sports organizations, were both of her sons received high accolades for their achievements.

Suavita is a charismatic, humble and virtuous woman of principal. She steps up to new challenges fearlessly achieving growth. Those who know her best say that love and empathy outreaches from her physical being. Her leadership is contagious and her positive influence on others is ageless.

Suavita is a woman with ambition and a vision. She never lets anyone deviate her from achieving less than success. She is highly recommended for anything that she pursues.

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